Character Building


Character education fosters the development of ethics and responsibility and teaches about values.  It teaches the value of caring about others, being honest, and all the things that make for outstanding citizens!  Research has shown that schools implementing good character education programs report, on the one hand, reduced levels of violence, crime, disruptive behavior, and discipline referrals, while on the other, improved attendance and academic achievement.  We provide resources through our school counselor with lessons and activities, as well as, information for families to learn about how the lessons can continue at home.  Together, we can grow our citizens to be great role models by sharing the same message at school and at home. 

Throughout the school year, our students learn a different character trait each month:

August:  Back to School!
September:  Responsibility
October:  Respect
November: Kindness
December: Compassion  
January: Courage
February: Diversity
March: Honesty
April: Citizenship
May: Perseverance

"I am certainly grateful for schools like TMSA that value educating the 'whole child' through high academic standards and a comprehensive character education program". 
Justyn Knox, M.Ed., NBCT

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