A TMSA Family Publishes a Children's Book

Madyson Moon And The Midnight Screecher: A TMSA Family Publishes a Children’s Book
Posted on 12/09/2020
Template for QCSS NewsLevita Smith-Malloy wanted to teach her daughters Mariah, Tamia, and Taliyah not to succumb to irrational fear. She never expected that one evening of family fun would blossom into a book that explores the themes of fear, courage, and determination to face fears.

“Mariah drew a beautiful character that resembled them,” remembered Ms. Smith-Malloy about how it all started. They sat down and wrote a short story about the character that night. Yet, Levita did not want this unplanned teachable moment to go to waste. She wanted to show her daughters that they could be authors with hard work and determination. “I decided to turn their story and character into a published book” she added about the beginning of her challenging but rewarding experience.

It was overwhelming at first, but Levita refused to give up. It took her months for Madyson Moon and The Midnight Screecher to come to life.

“Madyson Moon sounds like the name of a superhero because she is one. Kind of. She’s definitely courageous enough to be,” reads the book’s back cover. Madyson Moon is a 10-year-old African American character who is both curious and headstrong. “I wanted my girls to see a character that looked like them that they could relate to,” says Ms. Smith-Malloy, “but also have a story for everyone to enjoy.”

The book is published through Ingram Sparks and Lulu. Ms. Smith-Malloy and her daughters loved the story so much that they ended up writing two more that will be published soon.

Ms. Smith-Malloy and her family have been in the TMSA family for four years now. Her son Jameek Fling was the first of her family to enroll at TMSA Greensboro. Now, Mariah is in 7th grade, Tamia in 5th grade, and little Taliyah is in 2nd grade. “I love TMSA. They think outside the box and inspire my kids and myself to do the same,” stated Ms. Smith-Malloy about her TMSA journey.

You can access the book here.
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