Character Education at TMSA Elementary

Character Education at TMSA Elementary
Posted on 08/03/2020
TMSA Character EducationDear TMSA Families,

I know that parents want nothing more than for their children to grow up respecting others and for them to be well mannered. That is exactly why character education is an important part of our school day! Success in life takes more than academia and learning how to work with others that may look and act differently is truly important.

I also know that the main reason parents enroll their students into school, is to get a good education. They will learn Math, Science, Social Studies and History, but to become somebody is far better than being anybody. So to go above and beyond the skills necessary for success in each grade level, I really believe that teaching character is right up there with all of those important skills. Character education fosters the development of ethics and responsibility and teaches about values people should have. It teaches the value of caring about others, being honest and all the things that makes for outstanding citizens!

Diane Burke,
TMSA Elementary Principal